Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Coffee Table

Drawing your face on a foggy mirror,

Keep looking at it makes me shiver,

Even if you are sitting beside me,

Can’t keep looking at you forever,

Makes me feel that you will disappear,

Droplets of morning dew in the palm of your hands,

Begging to stay there for a while,

Just to perish in the air with the feel of your skin,

Tinge of that red on your cheeks,

The way you smile when you look at me,

Makes all of this seem like a miracle,

Nibble your ears for while caress your hair a little,

When you get angry makes this world glitter,

Forces this world to blush for you a little,

If only all this was true for a while,

It could ease my pain,

Let me just stop thinking about her for a mile,

I keep coming back for her,

Don’t know how many years have just gone by,

Staring at her from that same coffee table,

Hoping that she does the same for me,

Comes here every day just to look at me,

If I could just freeze in time with her,

Take a picture of her so that I can make sure every day,

That someone so beautiful like her exists in this world,

Even if she never comes to know that I love her,

I will walk that mile for the rest of my life,

Just to see her smile thinking of someone,

From that same coffee table.


  1. Sounds too cliche..
    Although, The Personification of morning dew was wel thought of!
    How many times have we heard "I keep coming back for her".
    Also,the start tries to be in a rhyming note & suddently looses its way, & again tries to rhyme at the end.
    nothing new about it, but very well written.

  2. Aweeeeeezzzzzz :">
    Yatin tera dil mar gaya haii !!!
    but i hope yu guyz dont go Aroma's to see sum1 haa ;)
    nice one Skand :)