Thursday, August 27, 2009

Gone With The Wind

Once upon a time there was a town not too far from Gorakhpur named ‘shanti land’. The legend goes that the wind use to blow their so hard that not only objects but even children blew away with it. Sometimes even the elderly people were unfortunate enough to get trapped in its grasp. It was not like one of those sudden catastrophic events which occur once in every ten years. This had become more of a daily routine for them. People who blew away were never seen again except for that one single utmost legendary day when manohar’s dad was seen twirling and swirling in the wind and then he was gone. I think he was transported to Oklahoma.
Now that people knew that this wind was their fate they took necessary precautions. Mothers tied their children to the trees with a rope when they use to go out to fetch water from the nearby common well. Sometimes the mothers tied the rope so hard that children died of suffocation. But the winds were blamed for these deaths. As the panchayat was the only authority in shanti land the elderly panchayat members gave the reason that,”yeh hawa ne to iss bachhe ki hawa he udda di(this wind blew the wind out of this kid)”.fathers hammered four king size nails on the four corners of their houses. The whole town use to go together to celebrate diwali and when they came back some of the families houses were gone with the wind forever. Sometimes four children use to go out and play and when they came back only three came. The smallest one disappeared forever into eternity.
After 20 years there is no sign of this wind anymore. But still you can feel the weakening power of that wind. It can now blow only small objects like nails, toothbrush or sometimes even cockroaches. Even though this wind is no more than a breeze when compared to the wind which blew 20 years ago this legend will remain embedded in the minds of their great grandchildren forever.
Yes you can say that this event caused lot of destruction but still life goes on and so did the lives of those people who were once a part of the legendary “shanti land”.

“When the times are dark you will find light in something far smaller then a light bulb. A ray of hope”

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  1. pretty neat. but when you say people used to drive 'king sized nails in 4 corners of house', how does that make sense? what are houses made of, cardboard?! liked the 'wind blew' pun.