Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Rain Drops

Things that we say to each other,

Seem more like a puzzle to others,

Can’t deny the fact that even I get jumbled in her words,

For a minute I forget everything, I keep mumbling to her,

She keeps looking at me as if trying to figure out something,

Trying to fix those pieces of puzzle tangled up in me,

I settle myself besides her doing nothing for hours,

We talk to each other in whispers lying under the covers,

Shimmering drops of rain pouring outside the window,

Matching its rhythm with the beat of my heart,

Pouring down from heaven my love for her,

I try to hold some in my palms and share it with her,

We hold each other’s hand for a while saying nothing to each other,

Feel the pulse running through us, part of my soul removed,

Sacrificed, destroyed and cannot be taken back especially for her,

I don’t count the years I spend with her,

Just the moments preserved so that I can keep on breathing,

Even if I’m suffocating seizing the time for her,

Stay there forever if I could when she passes by,

Only minutes left before they turn off her life,

Just a mere click of a button on her life support system,

Pain at its epitome that you can just admire,

I kept looking at her for a while when they turned her life off,

Puff goes the life in a breeze words out of my reach to describe,

To describe my love for her it never died,

Words will remain inscribed on her gravestone forever,

My memories a part of the holy earth now,

Please take care of her when I die.

Words on her gravestone
“Rosemary I can still feel that pulse of your life running inside me even if you are here no more. I know life would be tough without you death won’t come for me in the blink of an eye. But I will still catch some of those rain drops for you because they remind me of your warmth. Keep shining for me sit beside me not for hours but just for a while”.

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  1. thank god! finally something nice after a long hiatus. an uncliched thing is what makes this one special. the 'words on the gravestone' part is cute too, though the last line strikes a bit odd.
    p.s. that a pretty BIIIG gravestone you gotta make for her to get all those lines on it, buddy!