Sunday, September 13, 2009


How grand is our life,

Took me a while,

To understand a little,

The way it works,

The way it defines us,

Divides us, designs us,

Try as much as you can,

It’s how it’s meant to work,

It’s how he works,

It’s how he wants us to work,

We can’t make it on our own,

To reach to the top,

To touch the pinnacle,

Bound in shackles,

Of blood and glory,

So many stories untold,

Left in the misery,

Pit of adversary,

Waiting to unfold,

He who decides the fate,

Of me and you,

And the whole mankind,

Holds the key,

To the golden gate,

Of fame and recognition,

He doesn’t weigh the work,

Consider the strive behind it,

The size of sacrifice behind it,

Beaten, bruised and forsaken,

There is no remuneration,

For your work,

He who designs your fate,

He who makes all the favors,

In this society of evil,

His priorities has changed,

Engulfed in the boundaries,

Of power and hate,

He has considered the name,

The almighty too seriously,

After all he is the creator,

Of humans, of this mankind,

He too is influenced,

That thirst of power and fame,

Comes naturally to him,

He too is corrupted,

He doesn’t weigh the work,


There is no remuneration,

There is no hard work,

Considered anymore,

He who decides your fate,

Needs some favors,

To shift you up,

There is no blood or glory,


My friend,

You need a lot of luck.


  1. That gave me mixed feelings.. dont know exactly what.. but ur words seem powerful..

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  2. yea kind of shows the way the world works nowadays!there is corruption,politics u need lot of sources,money to work your way the end chasing your dreams doesn't mean only hard work and dedication fate also plays a very big role.thx for such kind words!!i'm seeing you have read most of my posts!!thx for responding!!keep reading!