Saturday, September 5, 2009


It was damp, dark and full of evil. It never rested in peace. It was full of incomplete emotions. It was a town full of remorse and pain. They gave it the name ‘Neverville’. Neverville was so dark that even light couldn’t penetrate it. You could hear children crying, women beaten up, men shouting and abusing, slashing of throats, small girls crying for help, an elderly suffocating, women being raped, children being cut into pieces. It could never sleep. No one lived there not in the present. There was so much anger breathing, living within it that it was impossible for anyone to not only live but even stare at it for more than three seconds. Neverville was surrounded by oak trees from all sides. There was a large rusty gate which was so huge that it penetrated the clouds. That gate never ended and it was bounded by chains which had huge silver spikes poking out of it. There was an encryption written on that gate, which read,

“Here lies the heart of remorse and the pulse of pain. Touched by the souls of hundreds of people it breathes”