Sunday, September 27, 2009

I'm a Rape Victim

Writing this on a piece of paper,
To make myself realize,
To see the truth,
To see everything,
That I have been through,
On this piece of paper,
I write my life.
Lying in a gutter,
Drenched in blood,
No pain surfacing,
Feelings died inside,
No intention to cover,
Naked body with torn clothes,
Whole scenario justifies,
Four followed me that night,
Not even a single person,
In sight,
To whom I could beg for help,
To whom I could beg for life,
They raped me not once,
But each of the four,
Two times,
I kept screaming, asking for mercy,
I cannot take it anymore,
You bastards,
And then all the withering,
And time just froze inside,
Threw me in a gutter,
For god’s sake,
I didn’t even die.
I still live,
I still breathe,
I don’t cry,
You need feelings,
To bring tears to your eyes,
I’m half dead,
And what’s left inside of me,
Lives in that gutter,
Ruined, rotten,
Burned that night.


  1. You're a beautiful writer. <3

  2. hey thx for such kind words!!keep reading!!

  3. Forgive me for my over-realistic bend of mind but how am I supposed to visualize a half dead, 'stripped' of emotions, bleeding rape victim gushing out her sadness(which is an emotion, by the way) on a piece of paper lying in a gutter? Where did she find a pen and paper? But I guess that's what they call poetic license so granted.
    Pretty good you did with that direct approach of yours . Its inconsistent in parts but overall it makes of a nice read.

  4. thx for such kind words!!
    "i still live,i still breathe" and "a part of me still lives in that gutter".she is alive,living in a house"but her feelings and soul still reside in that hollow place.keep reading!!

  5. Pretty nice write.I've read stories and poems on rape victims by different bloggers and each time I've cringed internally and felt helpless.Maybe I over-react but I guess I can't help it...I'm a girl after all.
    How can men be such selfish brutes?
    A woman is not an object of your lust.We're friggin human beings here just like you all.
    Adding you to my blog list. :)

  6. naa Wat you are saying is absolutely right.there are all kinds of people in this world of ours.some good some bad.but it shows that even after so many years humans have not evolved they are still narrow minded.don't know why but men always try to overpower women.our government doesn't support death sentence which is utter rubbish.people say no mistake is that big that it cannot be forgiven.ask someone who has been through all this.its like they standing from a distance and commenting is easy we have to face this before we learn the true meaning of wat the victims are going through.some crimes cannot be forgiven and i think even 5 death sentences to rapist wont be enough!!thx for reading and replying.i think i also over reacted hehe but i think wat you and i wrote was just that anger towards it.

  7. hey thx for reading and responding man!keep reading.