Thursday, September 10, 2009


It was a town full of tragedies. Each and every family of this town had lost at least one member of their family. You could hear someone crying each time you left your house. Each house was located at a distance of hundred miles from each other. Not an inch more or less than hundred miles. All the houses were painted black with tainted windows and a brown chimney from which smoke use to emit everyday at 2:00 am. It was like a daily ritual for the whole town. Girls were not allowed to go out of their houses ever in their lives. If a girl was seen out of their doorstep than the town guards slashed their throats. Their bodies were dumped into the well near the Arrington church. All the men in this town did farming of marijuana. There was no corruption in this town. Now the name of the town as you all know is sunset town but back then it was called “west burn town”. I was from a town not so far from west burn town but there was river called “black Sand River” which acted as a divider between the two towns. But there was unsaid mutual understanding between the two towns. We never entered in their town and they never came here. But on the other hand no one even dared enter the black sand river. There was a reason behind that name. It looked like normal water when a part of the river but when someone tried to hold it in their palms it turned black.
Then came the day when I saw a body floating in the black sand river. I was the one who saved that girl. That day changed everything. I knew that she was from west burn town and I also knew that if anyone came to know about her they would kill her at that very moment. So I kept her in a cave not so far from the black sand river. She was the most beautiful girl I had ever seen in my life. Her eyes were amber in color and there was that calmness that you could feel in your heart whenever looked at her. I knew that even if she told me drive a sword down my throat I would done that without even hesitating for a second. I had heard about a place named India where there were snake charmers who hypnotized the snakes and made them do whatever they wanted. She was like one of those snake charmers.
Three days later my whole town was destroyed. No living being survived that catastrophe except for me. Till this day I have no idea why she left me? Why didn’t she just kill me? I never saw her again. I wanted answers. So I crossed the black sand river. West burn town was not a place made for humans. I cannot even describe how horrible that town was. The sky was different seemed closer than usual as if like a gaping hole which would one day absorb everyone in its vicinity. I stayed away from the town for four days. I thought I could figure out the mystery behind this town in four days but finally I realized that it will take me a century to dig the secrets buried in this place. All the things were odd about this town. Every night at 2:00 am smoke use to come out of each and every chimney that existed in west burn town. I never saw a single human in four days. West burn town was destroyed too All the houses were black with a goat tethered outside each and every house tied to a red colored rope. Each and every door was marked by the alphabet “s” with smoke rising from the alphabet and forming a devil’s face. Marks were hand drawn with blood. They were very old as the color of the blood had changed to black. Same phrase was seen on each and every door which read,

“The goats are the seed of Satan, and the Sheep are God's elect“

Two days later I reached the Arrington church. I crossed the black sand river reached west burn town for answers and finally found some. Not a day goes by when I don’t regret my decision. But as we all know curiosity killed the cat. Arrington church was like no other church I had ever seen. There were no graven images of Jesus. There was just an image of a woman giving birth to a baby. But the newborns head was missing. There was just an orb shining above its neck.

I will put enmity between thee and the woman, and between thy seed and her seed; it shall bruise thy head, and thou shall bruise his heel."

I always thought that the seed of the woman from which antichrist could rise was spiritual. It was never physical. But I was wrong. She had already given birth. Till this date I have no idea how I knew that the birth had taken place but it had. That’s why no woman was ever allowed to go out as the people of west burn knew long time back that the seed of a woman from which antichrist would rise would be physical. And they were proved right. There is heaven or earth anymore. Antichrist rose that day and so did his seeds.

"Who is a liar but he that denieth that Jesus is the Christ? He is antichrist that denieth the Father and the Son."


  1. 1. "You could hear someone crying each time you left your house. Each house was located at a distance of hundred miles from each other."
    How can you hear something from hundred miles away?
    2. "tainted windows"?
    i think you mean 'tinted', right?
    3. "Then came the day when I saw a body floating in the black sand river. I was the one who saved that girl."
    when you say a body is floating, it necessarily means the person is dead.
    4. "it shall bruise thy head"
    when you are using this type of english, use it uniformly na. use 'shalt' instead of 'shall'.

    this is much better than the rest. liked the concept. execution is decent too. i think finally you are gaining some ground n getting your own identity. there wasn't much King influence in this. Nice.

  2. thanx for reading.all the phrases used in this short fiction are word to word from "the bible".so i cannot make any changes.'shalt'will remain as "shall".as for the tainted windows I'm referring the windows as tainted because they are infected and slowly the infection will increase.the whole town was destroyed but you can say infected.
    i will make no modifications to the body of the girl floating.i have already mentioned about the powers buried in the depths of black sand river and also about the girl.
    i will change the hundred miles to half a mile.thanx keep commenting.