Tuesday, September 29, 2009

I Kiss Her

Shamelessly picturizing her,
Tantalizing my senses,
She standing naked,
Behind the curtains,
Only illuminating,
Her curves, exposed,
Uncovered her feet,
Me lying all alone,
Awestruck, disturbed,
By her beauty,
Walk towards her,
Drawing the curtains,
Her back towards me,
My fingers slowly,
Aimlessly searching,
For the path,
To touch her heart,
Epitome of sensuality,
Ray of sun caressing her,
Making me jealous,
Covering with my hands,
Untouched by no one,
Other than me,
We hold each other,
I kiss her,
She smiles for me.


  1. Whoa! He doesn't kill her in the end? Or he isn't a voyeur? Man, its hard to believe that doesn't happen! But I can still discern a minute non postive thing- He seems a bit possessive.
    Its a refreshing change. Like it. And also your new way of keeping things simple lately.
    1. 'Covering with my hands'- it doesn't really fit in. Mostly because you don't say covering what. Do you mean he envelopes her in his arms?
    2. 'Ray of sun caressing her'- Sweet.

  2. hehe ya he doesn't kill her!!kept this simple.but than also there was a hint of darkness in this also.i think by guessing u found that out.i have shown him possessive-one who doesn't like others even looking at her!!thx for the kind words!!ya trying to keep everything simple.after all its easy to write complex.simple is a word lot bigger than any other word of appreciation!!keep reading.also you can interpret endless number of things that he is trying to cover.for me he is just covering her face from the sun rays.

  3. I love your poetry!! Im definitely a follower! Your writing is intriguing :)

  4. hey garnet,

    thx for such kind words and also taking the time to read and respond to my poem.really happy that u r following my blog.I'm checking your blog right now!!keep reading!

  5. hey vanessa,

    thx for reading and replying!!keep reading!!

  6. wow... this was sumthing unbeatable... very simple and killing at the same tym.....

  7. oh hey thx for reading and replying!!my very first poetry which involved no killing haha!!keep reading!!

  8. I like this piece. Your use of words helps to paint a vivid image in one's mind as he reads.

    Good stuff!

  9. hey dave,

    thx for reading and replying.keep writing and reading!!

  10. This poem paints a beautiful image. I especially love,
    "My fingers slowly,
    Aimlessly searching,
    For the path,
    To touch her heart,"

  11. @cassandra:thx for reading and for such kind words!!a poem is always like a painting in a poets mind and glad that you could see it!!keep reading!!