Sunday, September 20, 2009

Live like A HUMAN

if I was blind,

This world would look,

One shade blacker,

Than what it is usually,

If I was deaf,

I won’t miss the sounds,

Of pain, of remorse, of cruelty,

That I could hear,


If I was mute,

I won’t hurt someone’s feelings,

Divide the nation,

Kill thousands of people,

With the power of my speech,

If I was a preacher,

I won’t teach,

Ways to seek moksha,

Blinding the reality,

If I was a color,

I won’t create differences.

Between black and white,

Rather consider humanity,

If I was death,

I won’t die silent,

Rather lie on my death bed,

With a sense of awakening,

If I was life,

I won’t breathe,

The air of someone’s pity,

Rather live that very moment,

And die,

Like a free, unchained,

Human being.