Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Mercy of nature

Endless minutes of endless days,
Dry wind from the west,
Desperate and pitiful gaze,
Sky clear as droplet of water,
No sound of the stammering thunder,
Wishful eyes towards the sky,
Sound of the bucket hitting the bottom,
Thirsty every living being,
Dead and rotten,
Cracked pieces of earth divided by nature,
Seems more like a puzzle,
Once lived like a caricature,
Children in silence,
Sitting, clutching their drying throats,
Asking their father for a glass of water,
Living each and every day,
at the mercy of a droplet of rain,
Gazing towards the sky,
With hungry eyes,
No water left to shed,
For tears,
Soulless farmers,
Left to wander,
At the pity of the nature,
Destined to die.


  1. 'Stammering thunder' and 'Sound of the bucket hitting the bottom' - nice ones.
    'Thirsty every living being,
    Dead and rotten'- this could have been one line to go fluidly with the previous one.
    i absolutely loved this one. reminds me of farmers in Vidarbha. their pain, their angst is portrayed really vividly in limited words. keep up the good work.

  2. That was sad.But the plight of the farmers was portrayed quite deftly! :)
    Nice layout btw!

  3. hey samadrita,

    thx for visiting again and replying.i like to explore the darker side of life!thx for your kind words!yup took me a while to find this template.keep reading!

  4. hey daone,

    thx for reading and responding.its time that government starts taking some actions.this year excluding 2-3 cities most of the north india is facing draught conditions with no rainfall this year.if they dont act soon there will be more farmer suicide cases.keep reading!!

  5. Well done! You have a way with words.

  6. hey vanessa,

    thx for reading and for replying.keep reading!!

  7. wow definitely touching, gets to you. there were so many great lines in this piece. you should really consider polishing it up a bit and sending it to a publication or literary magazine. just try, a million times, dont give up i think its worth it.
    lines that i really noticed; "Sitting, clutching their drying throats,
    Asking their father for a glass of water"

    great job, keep it up :)

  8. oh man that was one hell of an appreciation for my poem.hehe you made my day really!!I'm trying to publish some of my work but i don't have any contacts so lets see i will try to send it!!ya this poem took me like 2months to finish it!!i had the concept long time back but jus could give it the shape of a poem.there are many restrictions in poems.after reading some of my work you would be thinking that i venture a lot in the dark parts?so do i need to write something that is just light and simple without any darkness involved?any suggestions!!oh also keep adding all your class work i really love to read them,brings calmness for a while!!keep reading!!