Tuesday, July 21, 2009


Crash, burn, dump, repress your dreams,

They are no good in life fills your mind with screams,

You see them every day, every night, every second of your fucking life,

To the point you cannot take it anymore,

You feel like working hard was a waste of time,

Determination, dedication, devotion helping no more,

Down in the dumps when will the coal shine?

You beg, cry, and pray in front of the mighty god,

But you know inside that he would leave you to rot,

Nights when you are unable to sleep,

Days when you keep on thinking, pain so extreme that you cannot feel,

Question you keep on asking when the fate will show mercy on me,

Question you keep on saying have I done everything to grab my dream,

Finally the day comes when you realize that the time is up,

They laugh at you, make fun of you, and sum up your life in one word,


They are happy for you, glad that your dream is crushed, they scream at you,


Then they ask you questions they want an answer, what were you doing all this time?


But you can see the real joy the real interpretation of your life in the eyes of your relatives,


And you know what they acted like?

They acted like a adrenaline shot piercing the needle in your mind,

Finally you cannot take it anymore and this time I mean it,

You scream for yourself to make you realize to make you feel like,


Until now the dream was clear, yes there was hard work,

Yes there was pain yes there was misery and people trying to beat you down in bulk,

But now there is fire, there is that madness; there is that something that your dream feels like,


Lump of coal now a diamond you ask every person to scream aloud your name,


Your eyes shimmering with tears at last the fucking silence,

At last the mighty lord shines upon you,

At last the silence.


  1. A very good interpretaion of dreams.It portrays the fact that dreams will only remain dream if u keep sleeping.You need to wake up to make ur dream a reality.It shows that just hardwork would not take u to ur dream but d fire within you will guide d way..
    A beautiful thought process but still seems a bit unpolished writing needs more polishing..
    It just seems dat he is not able to find the immaculate words.
    But i m sure he'll improve..

  2. thx man.yea there was shortage of words.but the idea was clear.you know that man lyf is tough and the ppl around u make it tougher for u.

  3. WOO-HOO! skand the poet has come of age. FINALLY! though dude, some 'loser's feel inappropriate in the context. but still, WOO-HOO!

  4. Wowweee Skandd !!!
    I realllyyy Lovedddd it !!!!
    Keep up d goodd workk......... :)

  5. dont agree with needs more polishing..
    feels just right the way it is..
    feels more raw & feels has been written out of anger & frustration by the person going through this experience, rather than a poet working his imagination.