Tuesday, November 3, 2009

A Clockwork Of Tragedies

Stage 1: Tragedy-series of events

World renowned owner of tragedies,
Is in town to complete the chain,
Of events filling the space between,
Oddly the town is vacant,
Not the medium to provide uncertainties,
Pursuing another path, another town,
Walks the uncharted territory,
With the hope of unlimited catastrophes,
Standing on the threshold of opportunities,
Thirst for an uneventful night,
Blurs his mind, reluctance awakens within,
What if nothing happens?
Walk this unholy earth no cries and screams,
He needs one more tragedy,
Otherwise his heart beat would seize.

Stage 2: Tragedy-obsession

Life begins with uncertainty,
With situations and tragedies,
In the beginning,
Breaks a person from within,
Slowly the series of tragedies,
Becomes a certainty,
Obsession emerges,
Engulfing the events within,
That taste of tragedies,
That thirst for uncertainty,
That pain overpowering the mind,
Asks for more, asks for thrills,
He needs a tragedy in his life,
Every once in a while,
To keep his life ticking,
Tick, tick, tick.

A life full of tragedies slowly turns into an obsession. A person whose life is filled with tragedies from the beginning needs a tragedy every once in a while to keep the clock ticking. Pain suffered for a long time becomes habitual and slowly like a heart beat that thrill for pain turns into necessity. A series of tragedies provides that thrill that heart beat to the uneventful life. Keeps the obsession of a person ticking.Tick,Tick,Tick.

Stages of tragedy turning into obsession:

1. Beginning of life.
2. The very first tragedy.
3. face to face with reality.
4. Pain.
5. Series of tragedies.
6. Acquaintance to pain.
7. Obsessed with pain.
8. Thrill of pain.
9. Obsessed with tragedies.
10. Pain as a necessity.
11. Keeps the clock ticking.

Tick, Tick, Tick.


  1. Interesting, yes I can see where the premise could be true... a tragedy indeed that the need for tragedies becomes the desire, instead of the desire to avoid the same. Keep Writing, great work!

  2. One word comes to my mind- haphazard. What IS it? Is it a poem? Is it an essay? I was totally disappointed reading this. The first paragraph was awe inspiring mainly because of the concept. The tragedy seeker’s intro is beautifully done and I thought that this will be a kinda story formatted poem. Stage 2, though it kind of hampered the flow, I could’ve overlooked it. But what’s with the explanation (was it?) after that? It seems so repetitive and not just content-wise but also the same phrases are used- ‘to keep the clock ticking’, ‘tragedy becomes an obsession’, ‘tick tock tick’ thingy… I mean, what was that? The stages of tragedy into obsession worsened it. Totally out of context.
    This poem seemed like Dev D directed by the director of Kaal i.e. he doesn’t know what he wants. A blot on your great blog, this is.

  3. @strawberry:hey great to see that u got the idea behind my poem!!it was kind of complicated!!thx for reading and replying!!keep reading!!

  4. @daone:ohh if you didn't get the meaning behind the poem i can explain you the whole concept.
    for eg.for how long can u grieve over things?now how about these situations,griefs never end.its like a chain of events.a series of unfortunate events.would there be grief for all the things put together?after sometime you would start blaming your fate,luck everything.
    I'm showing the maximum situation possible here.so much grief that it no more acts like pain.

    for eg:take the situation of a serial killer.the first time he kills someone there is guilt,regret,grief.now how about a series of killings and you have a person who is no more accustomed to all these emotions.
    the final emotion:obsession.
    there is that adrenaline rush,that thrill,its like riding a roller coaster.but you don't want the fun to end do you??
    situations providing that rush,thrill which keeps the heart beat ticking just like a clock.clock here signifies life.obsession keeps life ticking.thx for reading and replying maybe this will help you understand the concept better!!keep reading!!

  5. Thanks for adding a bit of explanation to your poem heavealie.
    I like the idea of expanding your creation to include a bit of explaining for people like me who at times don't follow the gist or what exactly the writer had to say.

    In the light of clarity, I must say, it is a good attempt at poetry.

    When are we getting your next piece?

    Waiting for more.


  6. hey! I haven't been around in a while, sorry for my lack of attention! but hi, im here now and i jsut read this poem. different set up for it, i like the stages it's neat and the picture is perfect for the poem.

    I was wondering though, will we be seeing an uplifting piece sometime soon? I know i write about sad stuff alot and it feels good to get it out but you have such strengths that it'd be neat to see your view/image of a sort of happiness.

    keep it up!