Monday, November 23, 2009

55 Fiction By Heavealie:Highway 45

I saw a vision last night.
In it I died in a car accident at highway45.
Before dying my wristwatch read 4:45 a.m.
I’m standing at highway45.
Cars are zooming past inches from me.
My wristwatch reads 4:45 a.m.
4:46 a.m.
Ohh god I’m alive.

Ohhhh fuckkkkkk!!!!
Head found decapitated.


  1. That was a scary read.

    Keep writing!!

  2. @chatterbox:haha ohh the main objective was to make it scary!!objective completed!!keep reading!!

  3. @kay:thx for reading and replying!!keep reading!!

  4. @shadow:hehe thx for replying!!keep reading!!

  5. Technically impossible. A watch never reads hour:second. Its only because of that that I am not impressed. You know me, I obsess about such minuscule details.

  6. @mae:thx for replying and for following my blog!!keep reading!!

  7. @daone:a watch technically can read hour:minutes:Seconds.i wrote 4:46:45 so that determines all the three time lines.i already referred to it as a vision.assume that the vision was blurred not like a clear scene that your eye can see.if he knew the exact timing was 4:46:45 he wouldn't have said the words "ohh god I'm alive"at 4:45.this 55 fiction was about a man testing his own luck and also the fact that visions can come true.he was deliberately present at highway45.if i would have written this explanation it would have been a 500 fiction.some things should be just left at the imagination of the readers.
    "perfection ruins the simplicity"
    i never try to write perfect.thts why i wrote 55 "fiction" i think i will add the the word fantasy too hehe.thx for reading and replying omkar!!keep reading!!hope dis will help u!

  8. Wow. Great piece. Who knows what fate has in store for us and if we can even escape it if we get a glimpse into the future.

    Keep writing...

  9. @dave:ohh hey thx for reading and replying!!keep reading!!

  10. WOW this was a nightmare . so glad you woke UP.. great writing

  11. @inky:hey thx for reading and replying!!keep reading!!