Wednesday, November 25, 2009

A Bridge Within

Two lovers apart, a river in between,
Came every day at the peak of,
The broken golden bridge,
Never uttered a single word,
No wave of hands to greet,
Mesmerized in each other’s eyes,
Resurrecting an imaginary bridge,
To fill the distance in between,
Traversed on that bridge of illusion,
To feel each other’s souls from within,
That touches of imagination,
That caressing of the illuminating skin,
Fluttering wings of the two hearts,
Mended the broken bridge,
Only a minute of solitude each day,
Only a minute of conversation,
Through eyes each day,
Kept the love flowing,
Within each of their veins,
Ray of sun strikes the surface,
Of the ever calm yet ferocious river,
And reaches the bottom with grace,
Shimmering like the wings of an angel,
Covered their faces like an eclipse,
With the ever shining glow of the day,
Love lived young and grew old together,
Within the eyes of the two lovers,
Bridge still remains closed and broken,
Shadows of the two souls standing at the peak,
Still remain the same,
No physical closure,
No touch of the two surfaces,
Two souls became one single bridge,
Love was given birth that day.


  1. ....... Fluttering wings of the two hearts,
    Mended the broken bridge,
    Only a minute of solitude each day,
    Only a minute of conversation,..... this says it all... d way it turns dis way... its so simpl n complete

  2. Loved the picture which added color to your beautiful poetry.

    I agree with Ritika on the beautiful words used to describe the warm feelings of being in love.

    Keep up the good work.


  3. 'Love lived young and grew old together' that what we all want and strive for... intense longing here.

  4. Superior poem, and very vivid. You write great poetry. A person can truly imagine the heartfelt emotions.

  5. @ritika:hey thx for visiting my blog and commenting!!glad to know that you liked my poem!!keep reading!!

  6. @chatterbox:hey glad to know that you liked my work and could feel the emotions that i tried to describe through my words.keep reading!!

  7. @shadow:thx for reading and is an emotion that needs time to nurture and two people living together and growing together with each other.keep reading!!

  8. @don:hey thx for reading my work and for commenting.glad to know that you could feel such emotions through my words!!keep reading!!

  9. Wow!! That's deep...i loved have me as a fan of yours now... :)

  10. @P.t:hey thx for reading and for following my blog.glad to know that you liked it!!keep reading!!

  11. LOVED the concept of long distance relationship literally portrayed. A river in between, the two people in love staring at each other, unable to do anything about their forced separation…you have successfully portrayed the angst and longing. But what takes, no, ‘steals’ the cake is your phrases- “Shimmering like the wings of an angel” and “Covered their faces like an eclipse”. The last line gives a satisfaction of reading something beautiful. Way to go, man.
    P.S. Hehe!

  12. @daone:hey thx for reading and for such kind words!!yeah i was really satisfied with my final turned into a well written poem and i could portray my idea through my words the way i wanted it to.keep reading!!