Sunday, November 15, 2009

I Rescuing My Love

Sliding curvaceous moves for me,
I see you gliding down the stairs,
With a pair of eyes rhyming,
Gleaming, shining, moving through me,
Me trying to catch my balance,
Took hold of something,
Glinting, shimmering pyramid of glasses,
Toppling, tumbling at our feet,
Me fixed in trance somewhere in between,
Reality and beauty like a golden seam,
Shards of glasses thousands of scenes,
She magnifies, reflects in every piece,
Every single human being present on the scene,
Is in love with the one who was meant for me,
Silence and awe, sudden wreck and havoc,
Every single hand grabbing to seize her from me,
I took her in my arms crashing the doors,
We were free,
Racing for the boat near the river,
We jumped the crease,
Hands outstretched everywhere,
Trying to catch hold off she,
Angry shouts and cries behind us,
Some falling into the river in between,
Outlined, sketched moon in the scene,
This is how I rescued my beloved,
From the love hungry human beings.


  1. Pretty decent one you weaved there. Not that I am disappointed with this, but you know it too- you can do way better. But for now, its 5.5/10 for you.

  2. @daone:as i already mentioned this was like one of those few clicks before the fire ignites!!i didn't write anything for 2 weeks so my mind was kind of wrote this simple poem which had nothing deep but just ignited the poet in me once again!!thx for reading and replying.keep reading!!