Thursday, April 8, 2010

Joy Called Life

Time talks to me sometimes,
In close whispers,
You are running out of me son,
I cant wait for you anymore,
If only i had some time,
Life like a rainbow of memories,
Paint a picture of your dreams,
Colors start to slowly fade around,
Reality seems so far fetched to me,
Like a soul waiting for its burial ground,
I know its hard to be at peace,
My mother always used to tell me,
Its hard to stay at the receiving end of time,
So sit back and breathe for a while,
Life will be one marathon of a journey,
So stand up and run while it lasts,
When droplets of hardwork,
Will trickle dow your freckled skin,
You will taste the joy of life in time,
Hold the hands of time in a tight grip,
And stare at the sky full of shining stars,
You will recognize a face,
Somewhere between the stars and your dreams,
Telling you what a journey life is,
I enjoyed mine,
Did you take the time out?
To enjoy yours,
Sit back and relax for a while my son,
Stand up and keep running,
Breathe the time of your life,
And you will taste the joy called life in time.


  1. very nice Skand! I like this one, i like the image of time. especailly in the beginning when time starts to have a personality - like its not so abstract and more of a concrete thing, that was neat.