Thursday, April 29, 2010

Happy Ness In Bits And Pieces

Happyness regurgitating from every pore,
Of your skin like a dam full of freshness,
Sensation of pure water on your cheeks,
Meets between your eye and your lips,
Like a shadow of an unseen dream,
Gleaming sun rays on the helm,
Of an early morning rainbow scene,
You are a book of unfortunate events,
I’m a mistake of all your sins,
Glass once full, spilling from the brim,
Taste of your lips on the golden seam,
Like a poison slowly arresting all my senses,
You are the shadow in dense dark forests,
I’m the sun creeping behind the horizon,
I long and crave as time passes by,
I beg and pray as destiny separates me from you,
I hold onto that gleaming thread,
As darkness resurfaces over me,
I will hold onto your hand when my time will arrive,
As there is no heavenly way to die,
Than in the arms of your love,
When she caresses your hair assuring,
Hold onto me and everything will be all right.


  1. I I had to or I could give an award for *Best Poem Of The Day*, this would be it. This IS it.

    Lovely and perfect words of immense LOVE!

    Love the music TOO!

    Hugs and :)

  2. a like the line, like a posion slowly arresting all my senses.

    there is good sound to that line, read it aloud it sounds amazing.

    anyway i liked this piece alot alot and i feel bad because i havent been on to check out much lately but its good to see youre still writing, and writing well at that.

    and ps i really like the new layout, way neat! and the quote up top too. i like that.