Thursday, May 6, 2010

A Day In The Lives

Hello Mr. Stevens how was your day,
Stranded in the middle of the street,
Your mind virtually looks astray,
Draped in covers of silk and satin,
Perched on the highest of trees,
You wreck havoc and commotion,
Four wheeled red colored beauty,
Comes into the picture,
“No need to panic ladies and gentleman,
We will save this tiny creature,”
And so they marched above the creaky branches,
Avalanche of leaves falling in slow motion,
Hurry up warriors, take your positions,
And so the kitty cat shivered and purred,
Flew for a while above the blue skies,
Eyes following each and every motion,
Landed at its free will just besides the safety net,
Making a fool of the red colored beasts,
Whisked past all the on looking commuters,
And so they laughed and they cried together,
And spread the tales of the little kitty cat in whispers,
And the moon came along in celebration,
Behind the ever growing tree in slow motion,
And the night started to fall near the stranded streets,
Where once people rejoiced for what,
Can be called as nothing but an ordinary day,
Gave them a reason to smile again,
Not for a long time but just for a day,
Felt love for each other and the kitty cat,
Who once climbed the highest of the peaks,
And went astray, one day.


  1. HArd day for a cat... Oh- I love them! So I love this SO MUCH!
    great post
    Thank you for the smile!

  2. This was brillianty written :)

  3. @dulce: ohh i love cats too but I'm petrified of dogs.thx for reading!! :)

  4. @jstar:thx for the appreciation and keep reading!!

  5. @jill:hehe thx and keep reading! :)