Monday, May 17, 2010

Pocket Full Of Memories

I took a peak in my pocket,
Found a key, a ring and a locket,
Shoved inside the farthest of corners,
Nudging me, trying to remind me,
What I was in the beginning,
And where I lost myself, find me,
Unbind me from all the inhibitions,
Hide me inside your tresses reflecting moon,
Sun, and all the stars, and from all the,
Messes, that reflected pain inside of me,
Tie me, slap me, stab me, and wake me up,
Remind me what a waste life is,
Is, was, has been, and ever will be,
She is the reason why my pockets are never empty,
Can be, could be, but will never be,
I will save that glint of gold inside of me,
And reach into my pockets whenever,
I feel the longing and the craving,
To see her face again reflecting in my eyes,
At last she is sitting beside me,
Fly, free, is what I pray for,
Try, cry, but I will never, ever again be,
As the pockets once filled with memories,
Cannot be forever and ever emptied.


  1. Love it!! Memories are good to reflect where you have been and a reminder of where you are headed...

  2. You're mad! The last lines you posted as a status update, they need a premise- a premise of the awe-inspiring poem that you've written here. This one has an honest feel to it, not some liberal literary ramblings but honest, heartfelt, almost experienced. Keep it up man, and for that, keep it real- like this one.