Thursday, May 6, 2010


Nina and I went to the same classes each day. Each day, every day, missing not even a single day. We didn’t talk much. No, we were not in love. We were just distracted by our own thoughts. I don’t know what she thought of me, but I was dead straight from the beginning. I wanted to kill her. Beat her down to death. I wanted to taste her pain, listen to her screams slowly echoing from her fragile body.
Since my childhood years, we have been in the same class. I always came second because of her. I worked my ass off day and night. She had an advantage over me. Scientists call it as eidetic or photogenic memory. Why should she have an advantage over me? She is no less different than me. She is a human being. I am a human being.
You don’t know what pain is. You don’t know what it’s like to always come second.

2 days later

A boy was found dead inside his house garage. Police officials said that the body of the 15 year old boy was found in 7 different corners of the garage. That was no ordinary garage that morning. It was turned into a slaughter house. What was more astonishing for the police officials was that the killer was sitting right besides the boy when the boy’s family came home and his dad opened the garage door to park his white Mitsubishi. Police records further identified that the killer was none other than her classmate named Nina.

Interview recorded by the psychologist Dr. Edward merman.

Dr. Edward: Hello Nina, how are you feeling today?

Nina: Peachy.

Dr. Edward: You two were good friends right?

Nina: oh yes we were such good friends that I slaughtered his body into 7 pieces.

Dr. Edward: True. But what was the motive behind this rage?

Nina: Motive was to kill him. In which I’m sure everybody knows I succeeded.

Dr. Edward: Let me rephrase my question again Nina. Why did you kill your friend?

Nina: if I wouldn’t have killed him, he would have killed me. Nice and simple.

Dr. Edward: How can you come up with such a conclusion?

Nina: You didn’t see the hate in his eyes for me. I did. He always came second. He wanted to come first.

Dr. Edward: So you are telling me it was a case of self-defence rather than murder.

Nina: You don’t get it doc. It was a case of my wants. My needs. Don’t you get it doc? I never came second. He wanted to kill me.


He wanted to come first. He wanted to kill me first and then for once in his life beat me. But you know doc how life is. You wanted to become a surgeon but you didn’t have enough shit in you to become one. So you had to compromise in your life. I never compromise. I have a photogenic memory. I remember each and every reaction on his face when he used to look at me for the past 8 years. It never changed. Until two days back. There was no rage on his face, no hatred on his face. It was calm, as if finally after so many years he had found a way to beat me. Two conclusions either he could work harder and beat me which was next to impossible or he could kill me. If he killed me first than that means finally he beat me. He comes first and I come second.
You call yourself as a psychologist? I read his face. I remembered each and every first look on his face when he saw me. Recorded it, saved it, analysed it. I always knew this day was going to come. It came. It went. I came first.

Dr. Edward: oh my girl you have no idea what have you done. You have ruined your life.

Nina: Don’t be so melodramatic doc. I always knew what was going to happen. So save the pity emotions for your family. I’m not your whiny daughter.

Dr. Edward: what are going to do now Nina?

Nina: I killed that son of a bitch before he could. What am I going to do now? I’m going to spend the rest of my life in jail. I never compromise. I never fail.

But the question remains what you are going to do with your shitty life doc.

Dr. Edward ordered the guards waiting outside his cabin to take Nina away.

There was no nervousness on her face. While walking she turned back and said calmly,” see you next time doc. I will be back soon. Sooner than you think. Till then keep your eyes on the price doc or the doc next door might take it away.”


  1. oddly, i can see the logic here... :)

  2. Wait a sec, where did you STEAL this new style from? It’s wonderful! Articulate, nicely edited and almost admirable. Great work. Though I think the part before the killing could’ve been elaborated further, I was really enjoying the way it went. And the pic, oh my God, where did you find such an amazing shit? Lovely, it is.

  3. @kay:yea this was an odd story too!!good to read that you could find that odd logic in it.keep reading :)

  4. wooo...a maniac.. cn relate,,, wat a logic.... nyc