Thursday, May 20, 2010

Loved Once

Wake up every day from a dream,
Where bodies of my loved ones,
Covered in white sheet laying besides me,
Like an outburst of screams,
Streams of blood trickling down my feet,
I beg and ponder with patience,
The reason behind the casualties,
Of my loved ones blood streaked,
Reeking with vengeance I submerge,
Myself into my own past memories,
Figuring out a way to forget,
What murder actually means,
If the definition itself is erased,
A word is nothing but a lost entity,
I don’t need a stone for a heart,
To murder the dear ones close to me,
As the bleeding heart aches of revenge,
I just gave a reason to my heart to beat,
Like a million wretched pieces,
Never again did my miseries ever bother me,
As the pain once resurfaced,
At the shore of my sea,
Is like a wave tethered to the beginning,
Never shall be able to experience its ending,
And I may never be able to actually,
Forget what murder really means,
In the end you close the eyes of a dead person,
I took care of both the proceedings,
As the loved ones I lost that day,
Didn’t mean more than a feather to me,
Who lost its path in the midst of winds,
No more than wretched souls to me,
I had lost someone long time back,
I just paid homage to it.

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