Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Love me like a Beast

Love me,
Like a beast,
Scratching, contorting me,
Under the sheets,
Let me taste your lips,
Nibble them, bite them,
Pierce through me,
I don’t need a piece of you baby,
I want the hold deal,
A part of you,
Won’t let me seize,
Hunger of a lion,
Roars through me,
Catch a hold of your breath,
Suffocate me baby,
Pain needs to flow through me,
Love you,
Like a beast,
Pin me down baby,
Roll me down on the floor,
A part of you won’t stop me,
I want the hold deal,
Let the poison of your love,
Arrest all my senses,
Stenches of your love,
Has left a shadow on me,
Need to wipe them out,
Before the whole world sees,
Let me grab you by your hair,
Straining each and every grain,
Till the pain retorts to awake,
I need to eat you up baby,
I want the hold deal,
Let me seal you lips,
Till you suffocate,
I don’t want you to be seen,
Jealously overshadows me,
I want your skin scratched,
Peeled through your body,
And pin it up a wall,
Like a memory,
I just don’t want you baby,
I want the whole damn deal.


  1. Sorry it took me so long to get back to you, I've been super busy. But I'm glad you liked my work, I like yours too! I write poetry, but I don't post it very often, I'm pretty self conscious about it. Yours is just...well this piece is just....damn. I like it. :)

  2. ah poetry. I'm on a blog-reading binge, and poetry is what tastes the best.