Sunday, May 22, 2011

Seeds of LOVE

Like a bird,
Flying into the sea,
The sun sets near the origin,
Where the end begins,
And all the smiles fade away,
As the vision takes away,
All the memories,
And dumps them into the sea,
Till the waves carry them,
On their backs,
And hurls them towards me,
And the fingers of my feet,
Tingle and the cold water,
Feels like a memory,
Of someone close to me,
Born from the origins,
Where the sun met the sea,
And the trees grew from the seeds,
Unwanted necessities,
Ride on the waves,
And the sea hurls you back,
As the ego reaches,
Far above the sea,
Teaches you not to preach,
But ride with the waves,
Towards the origin point,
Where you and I meet,
And the sun rises from your hands,
Sets into me,
Shine fades away,
As you encompass everything,
That glows or glitters in between,
Born are the necessities,
Of each and every human being,
From the seeds of your love,
And it ends where it all began,
Sun sets where it was meant to be,
And your smile rides on the waves,
Sea hurls the memories towards me,
And the morning sets,
Where your mind awakes,
Teaching a sense of reality,
And the world twists and tumbles,
Till your sound reaches me,
And the seeds of love,
Grow into a tree,
Where the sun sets,
In between you and me,
And the night lies awake,
In hope of a memory,
Breaching the boundaries,
Of a long term memory,
In fear of waking up,
And forgetting what love is,
But sneaking from a window,
And watching the sea,
Sun rising from its origin point,
Riding the memories on the waves,
Hurling it towards you and me,
And the seeds of love,
May someday grow into a tree.

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  1. hummmmm this is a request! Who'd dare refuse?