Thursday, May 5, 2011

She Cries

She cries,
As the world slides,
Away from her,
Red and blur,
Indifferent are the needs,
Of each and every,
Human being,
Simple as that,
They crave for love,
As love is the only thing,
That curves away,
Hell bent to stay the same,
And she keeps crying,
Till the world stops,
To wipe her tears off,
In reach of gold they glitter,
As the shadow of morning,
Covers her face as if,
To grace such a beauty,
To touch her,
Itself, Is eternal love,
And the grass screams in agony,
As her feet never touch the dew,
Covered by morning hues,
She floats above,
And she cries,
Till the morning sky,
Parts away in awe,
God needs a peak of her,
Admiring his creation,
From above,
And she blurs away,
From the scene,
As the morning cries,
Distracts me from her,
And she sits near the corner,
Stranded and all alone,
Two feet next to me,
And my hands shiver,
To grace such a beauty,
Touching dissolves her,
Too pure to seek,
And she cries,
Till the morning sun rise,
And signify her beauty,
In an element of gold and blue,
World seems so blur,
Through her tears,
Fear penetrates her skin,
And she cries and cries,
Till the tears seize,
Not a hand to reach,
By her side,
My hands are too dirty,
To breach the outskirts,
Of such a beauty,
Heaven never permitted me,
To seek an angel,
I need to die,
To be able to touch her,
And she cries all alone,
Me sitting two feet from her,
Distance seems like a bridge,
And the dew slides,
On the morning grass,
She floats away from me,
And all I can do,
Is sit and stare,
And admire her beauty.


  1. I'm not a fan of poetry but this was beautiful. :)