Thursday, April 14, 2011

Feast On You

She talks to me through her eyes,
Feast on you, baby,
You are a hungry man’s born appetite,
She smiles to me, scared,
Loosen your grip on me baby,
You are much too delicate for me,
Let me hold onto you for a while,
Like a shard of precious glass,
Broken yet so wanted,
Let me pierce through you baby,
My blood needs a taste of you,
Love needs to flow through my veins,
Love trodden let me be for you, baby,
Eyes shimmering on the broken glass,
You are like music to my ears,
Note of a symphony,
I can’t get a hold of you baby,
This song needs a reason to be complete,
As every song has a story behind it,
A knot needs two ends to bind it,
Unwind me in front of your eyes,
Let me be the miracle in your life,
Coz a falling star might fall from the sky,
And I might try to catch it for you baby,
My heart needs a tender cry,
A hand to suffice all the smiles,
That I spent on you, baby,
Thinking of you all the time,
Day and night,
Light flickers before the early morning sky,
Let me hear the cries of your love,
In my ears, and that may be the note,
To the symphony of love,
As you may be the story behind the song,
Of my life and the world may call it a,
Only when you left me for someone else,
As every heart craves for a tragedy,
To fulfill their incomplete love,
Through someone else’s broken cries,
Let me feast on you, baby,
One last time,
Hunger never suffices of a man,
Heart needs a reason to write a song,
For you, baby,
You are a hungry man’s born appetite.


  1. Oh my Gosh, I wish someone would say or
    sing these words to me - I'd melt.

  2. @shauna: thx for reading!!keep coming back for more.