Wednesday, July 30, 2014


Time has never been kind,
Always blinded by naked lights,
Lights synchronize in glitter and gold,
You are no more, strong, neither bold,
Neither the apple of someone’s eye,
For what seems to rhyme a lie,
Is actually a forgotten dream,
You are the river, flowing stream,
In pure sense an upheaval of senses,
Drenched in the love of endless creaks,
And no matter how hard you try,
To make sense of the words above,
Tides are not measured by the guy,
Standing near the beginning of the beach,
For dip your soul, your posterior, interior,
Into a seamless breeze, not afraid to drown,
Wear that frown like a crown underneath,
You have been the queen of someone’s desires,
Tired is your soul, down on your knees,
And in this sensible world of yours,
You are the only one senseless enough,
To make the mistakes of a child,
To be the responsible adult,
And to die like every other person,
Ought to be,
For nothing needs to be reasoned,
Not every word needs a reasoning,
For in true sense gibberish is the only word,

That makes sense to me.

1 comment:

  1. I like your 'gibberish', although it doesn't sound like gibberish to me, merely human. Nicely done!