Tuesday, March 11, 2014


In the land of Dwarves and Normal beings,
Stood a man high above the skies,
Where the sun touched the rim,
Of his ever bowed down collar,
And as he stood above the rest,
In search of something,
He could call as his own,
Made for the similar beings,
10 ft above the land,
Embark where none could reach,
Something that could change everything,
And so he called the rest of the beings,
Who ever closer, but not as high as him,
He was proclaimed as the King,
Of the tallest human beings,
Together they removed the dirt,
Blood and bones deep beneath,
Drew parallel lines in between,
The king wanted a rim that could be touched,
Only by the chosen ones themselves,
And so the rim was perched high above the trees,
Far from the reach of fellow human beings,
A golden carved ball, gleaming with prosperity,
Two teams of equal metal, a line in between,
And a heart with hopes and dreams,
And so the dwarves and normal beings,
Stood on the sidelines, rejoicing,
For the ones who had lost their place,
For beings different, for not being normal,
And so the King took the final leap,
To touch the rim with trembling hands,

An Era of sporting rivalry had begun.

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