Thursday, December 5, 2013


Inquisitiveness kills the mockingbird,
As the mother sings a lullaby,
Hush says the gatekeeper,
A devil resides in all of us,
Of undertones and overpowering,
Richness of a crippled blood,
Of the downtrodden, merciless,
Ruffling of the trees by the unseen,
A silent cold whispers the beloved words,
You are the God himself and the devil,
And the Satan’s only son,
You are the muffled tones that erupts,
In cramped corners, broken shades,
In disguises as shadows,
You are the friend of a dying one,
The darkness that peaks through,
Two mountains and a kissing sun,
Neither dead nor alive,
You have been shunned,
From closed doors, open hearts,
You are the disease that resides,
Yet breathes and lives in all of us,
A soul left to wander a long journey,
Never ending road of judgements,
Prejudices, presumptions,
A road constructed by the divine,
In the name of God,
You are the sole proprietors,
Of your actions, truth lies,
You are the untold lies of each and everyone,
An eclipse hovering over the horizon,
A line that divides, encircles,
You do not belong to the pure blood,
A devil resides in your blood,
You have been corrupted, rotten,
Disease runs in your veins, heart, soul,
As your mother sings a lullaby,
For the one who has been by your side,
Unperturbed by the unruly society,
You whisper your final words,
In cramped corners, broken windows,
The darkness that peaks through,

Two mountains and a kissing sun.

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