Tuesday, January 12, 2010


Life through his eyes:

Arrangements have been made,
For you my son,
In an asylum full of ones,
Those that betray my obligations,
Your expiry date has been written,
Smitten all over your face,
You are a disgrace to me my son,
Burn in the ruins of your miseries,
No need to take a shelter,
Under the roof of my deep drenching blood,
Your thirst can never succumb,
Feeling of numbness shall overcome you,
Rest assured I will teach you,
Preach you, hold your hand,
Together we shall find the truth,
Beg for mercy in front of the beast,
In this room full of darkness,
No pure air left to breathe.

Death through mine:

Revenge won’t grant you peace,
That feeling of forgetting everything,
Shall not seize as time passes by,
Wounds penetrating gateway of my heart,
Shall not heal, pain still haunts me,
Teacher meant to teach,
Ways in which I shall live,
Not what I seek,
Floorboard of my bed still creaks,
Leaves me with vivid memories,
Of me and my teacher,
That touches of the skin,
In return the purity of the soul,
My life was deceived.

Saw a bird from a window:

In a room full of darkness,
And a world full of hope and dreams,
Lies a pale tinted window in between,
I saw a bird near the window one day,
It sang a song every day for me,
For a minute I felt the cold breeze,
Song obliterating all my memories,
Inside the room full of my emptiness,
It left something that occupied,
The space between.

Bird flew away:

Rusted feathers of my soulless wings,
Gleaming in the blinding light,
That the pale tinted window brings,
“Teacher where were you all this time,
I waited for you with patience,
Years of longing, fruits taste divine,
Bow down in front of me my dear teacher,
The beast has finally arrived”

For 25 years this boy was imprisoned in an asylum by his teacher or father or his guardian (someone who promised to bring meaning to his life).for years he was taught ways in which he shall seek the beast (belief over god was erased in the teacher’s life due to some unknown reasons).finally after 25 years of all the atrocities that you can think of the beast finally rose in him. In the final stanza I have nowhere mentioned that the boy has been possessed or found a way in which he could seek the beast. It can be either the boy couldn’t take it anymore or the beast finally rose in him.
25th December 2009
After no reply from the asylum authorities for several weeks police officials were send to the asylum to check the status.267 bodies were extracted from various parts of asylum. Several bodies of children were found stuck in the space between the window bars. After further investigation it was found out that the total number including the patients and the employees in the asylum the night before the massacre was 268.Boy named SEASTLE BRILHS was the only patient whose body was still missing.

P.S: SEASTLE BRILHS stands for Beast Shall Rise


  1. Fantastic work heavealie.
    Thank you for adding the underlying story.

    Your poems reflect pain and dark emotions wonderfully :)

    Good to see your post after a long break.

    Keep writing buddy :)


  2. Must say, the beginning, especially the 1st para, is the best part of the poem. This one is engrossing because of the sheer stand-out concept. One doesn’t usually get to read such stuff in poems. And that’s why Heave, you are the best poet I’ve come across in the blogosphere(maybe that’s how ignorant I am :P).
    Anyway, I would rate this as 6.5/10 mainly because I would’ve loved it if you could’ve written some more. The third stanza doesn’t blend well with the tone of the poem, which is evil. It gives a contradictory idea and has a positive feel to it. So when you read the next stanza, you are a bit bewildered.
    As far as the name of the poem is concerned, it’s impressive how you arranged it from Beast Shall Rise. But you know what would’ve been even better- if you could’ve dropped subtle hints in the poem or decoded the name in the poem itself.
    Good work though. I appreciate it :)

  3. This is astounding and painfully great
    Keep writing
    You are brilliant!

  4. This is dark but expalins the craziness...Love it, as always

  5. vivid and disturbing story, well told.

  6. Okay first question will be where did you get the inspiration for writing this one?
    Is Seastle Brilhs a character from some fiction?
    Sounds like it.Totally dark stuff this is...
    But I must say like daone mentioned earlier I've seen few poets across the blogosphere who explore such complex subjects.In fact you will probably be the first one.
    Keep up the good work :)

  7. @chatterbox:yup as i mentioned on your blog that i was in kolkata so that's why didn't write anything new at all.But glad that you liked my poem.keep reading!!

  8. @daone:i have written poems which includes stages in the past too but this was the longest and i had to think a lot as the concept was really complicated.this kind of concept was good for a story but to convert it into a poem was really very difficult but really glad to read that you liked my words.keep reading!!

  9. @dulce:really appreciate your words and thx for reading my work!!keep reading!!

  10. @crafty green poet:thx for becoming a part of my blog and for reading my words!!keep reading!!

  11. @samadrita:ohh actually this is my original concept and Seastle Brilhs is my very own fictional character!!maybe you will get to read further about Seastle in the near future :)
    i like this concept where i can tell a story to my readers through my poems.thx for reading and replying!!keep reading!!

  12. @jstar:thx for reading and i always appreciate your words!!keep reading!!