Saturday, January 23, 2010

Change For You

Remove the satin sheet,
Off your skin as it glows, caresses you,
Seize your hands around me,
Wrap you under deep dark moon,
Tonight I might keep kissing you,
Forever your aroma around me,
I shall stand at the peak, hypnotized,
In hope of falling besides you,
I shall kiss your feet in my dreams,
Exchange changes in the seasons,
Falling of the leaves, I shall,
Tie a rope around the sun,
In hope of burning, melting for you,
Nibble the sensitive parts of your ears,
In hope of rising a tidal wave in you,
You may stand with me besides the river,
We may fall,
Reflections under the deep blue sea,
Not able to breathe,
I may suffocate myself,
In hope of grasping air from you,
Resurrecting breeze of life in me,
Tonight I might evolve for you,
Be a better person then what I am,
All the cold emotions evaporating,
I may change into spring for you,
Tell me what you want me to be,
Tonight I might grant all your wishes,
Like a broken star sacrificed in love,
May all your wishes come true,
Mold me like clay, hold me,
In your hands, give me a meaning,
Make me like you always wanted me,
Don’t lose your hope on me,
I’m like a new born baby,
Nurture me like a seed,
I might grow the roots of my heart,
Shelter you under my deep yellow leaves,
Hold me when I sleep,
And I might hold, kiss you,
See the redness of my skin,
Like the change of a season,
Tonight I might change for you.


  1. Few typos aside I loved this piece. :)
    I've never seen poetic creativity in a sportsperson in my entire life.You sure are different!

  2. I like the way you use countless similes so wonderfully in one poem :)

    Keep writing positive notes they make your writing skills shine out better the dark notes.

    Keep up the good work buddy :)


  3. @chatterbox:thx for all the appreciation and i will try to write something positive in the near future as well but wat can say my heart doesn't allow!! :)
    keep reading!!

  4. @samadrita:this was not one of my best works just like a warm up!!hehe thx but writing runs in my blood!!writing for me makes life a lot more easier to live."dil halka ho jata hai" :) keep reading!!

  5. same is for ur readers.. im sure unka bhi dil halka hojata hogaa.. hehe.. lovely piece... a nyt to remembrrrr...