Monday, January 25, 2010

Canvas Of Life

What if droplets of water,
Froze in mid air as the,
Temperature fell face down,
On the thin and moist surface,
I would make a caricature,
Of it in thin air,
Like a wide canvas of possibilities,
Fill it with colors, blue and gray,
With time that would never fade,
Like a window full of memories,
And dreams and a butterfly,
Sitting on the surface in hope,
Of gliding above the trees and seize,
Every opportunity that comes its way,
Like the shadow of every being,
Holding that final thread,
Withstanding light and darkness,
In hope of staying at its birthplace,
If I drew a circle on the surface of sand,
And stood in there forever,
Would I be able to protect myself,
Or stagnate with time in there,
I would step outside the range,
In hope of dying worth trying,
As life seems not too bad,
If you ache to keep holding,
To your shadow, where lies,
Your actual birthplace,
If there was a calamity in life,
Broken and enraged,
I would remember my birthplace,
In hope of temperature falling,
And freezing all the possibilities,
In thin air I would wipe the dirt,
Of my life’s window,
In hope of drawing a new picture,
Fill the canvas of my life,
With colors of blue and gray again.


  1. Each time you said if or what if it was my favorite moments. i like the whole question aspect of those moments it made it powerful. i like the whole quesitoning of life. though i think thats just the mood im in at the moment ha great job

  2. ny1 who reads ths poem.. im sure can relate to it.. and the way it says all the things tat one needs to do.. needs to a great answer in itself.. :)

  3. makes me think of hope and the possibility that we can start anew even with a battered past

  4. thank you! meeeeh too... i wish i could sketch like you say...

  5. Nice pic with nice write up. :)
    I enjoyed reading these lines 'Fill the canvas of my life,
    With colors of blue and gray again. '

  6. do you edit these pictures yourself? they're really nice.