Tuesday, February 9, 2010

You Bitch

If my memories ever jumbled,
And I forgot all the moments I spent,
With my loved one,
In times of happiness and grief,
I would start lying to myself,
In hope of re-living my life,
Become what I wanted to be,
Or have I been lying all along,
In hope of living a life of lies,
And consequences that I had to bear,
Crumble my love into a million pieces,
As the one I adored all my life,
Never wanted me to live,
And so I wandered into the oblivion,
In search of answers to seek,
My love won’t go in vain,
Would live for an eternity,
I hung myself from the ceiling,
Greatest sacrifice in love,
I gave you what you wanted all along,
And got a place in your stone heart,
A 6” x 4” photo of me on your mantelpiece.


  1. amazing write! can't help but giggle a little at the idea.

  2. What a touching and sad piece heave..that's all I can say.
    Love can be so cruel at times.
    Nice to see you blogging again.Been busy have you? :)

  3. ooo i like this one, very intriguing! great job, i like that after wanting her to care, finally oncce he dies she does with the photo.

    yeah and i agree with samadrita, where have you been? I keep missing your facebook messages ill come and find them later, i dont know why i dont get them at the right time. NEXT TIME I PROMISE and ill say hi to you this time ha :)

  4. It is a wonderful piece of imagination strung in heart touching words.

    Good to see you blog again :)

    Keep writing buddy.


  5. @samadrita:thx for replying and yea was busy but that includes poets block!!keep reading!!

  6. @katie:thx for appreciating my work!!hehe don't forget your promise den k.lets see if you can really keep up with your promise hmmm..testing time for you miss.katie!!keep reading!!

  7. @chatterbox:thx for taking the time to read my work!!yea been busy with my profession but now i'm back!!keep reading and cheers!!

  8. @lakshmita:haha yes it sure is eye catching!!keep reading!!

  9. HEY! I have an award for you at my blog, on my latest post... "A moment to shine"

    (it's at the bottom of the entry)