Thursday, March 22, 2012

Smoke a life in the air

"For all the joints burnt in thin air, out of love, out of care"

From the bygones to the sidelines,
I see you travelling by in an arm seat,
With eyes flaming red,
You smoke till the joint breaks away,
Ashes slithering in cool air,
Gulp the air of freedom baby,
And put the throttle to the limit,
As my old mama said one time,
“You aren’t a boy till you,
Hear the screeching sound”
And the car hits the diversion,
Work in progress baby,
Hit the brakes, make a sound,
From the passersby to the sidelines,
Arms flailing like a shadow in disguise,
I see an angel giving me the eye,
Why should I lie to you baby?
I don’t have a lifetime, to throttle around,
Gas prices are taking a hike,
So pull the back seat, and live the life,
Smoke a joint in the cool sunny air,
With eyes flaming red,
I see stars colliding in mid air baby,
The whole constellation is falling by,
Ashes slithering in cool air,
Friction of the cool bodies,
Warm touches,
Baby extinguish the flames inside,
My heart is burning for thee,
So light a joint, till the ashes hits the sidewalk,
Smoke a life in the air,
Burn a few lives, break a few bones,
No one is going moan on your life,
You have not been a celeb in disguise,
So smoke a joint, spray the smoke in the air,
Eyes flaming, burning red,
Burn some lives in the air,
Baby, I ain’t got a lifetime.

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