Monday, November 19, 2012

She was never meant

Part 1: She is mine

In times of solitude and distress,
When the pain of longing,
Of holding someone’s face,
In yours hands,
Your hands are dirty my friend,
Soaked in blood of others,
Who held the same infatuation,
Some may call it love, others lust,
But the feelings remained the same,
Of continuation, of two parallel lines meeting,
And the love of others towards her,
Caused distress and pain,
Of that same lonely heart,
Which pounded in its mid region,
Needs a black silken cloth,
To obliterate the love of others,
But the rays of others penetrate,
She was not meant to be for him,
She is the God of beauty,
The love of every man’s eyes, of lust,
She is love in different colours,
In different religions, symbols, signs.

Part 2: The hunger for her

She was meant for everyone,
Of that divine intervention,
She is every child’s unfulfilled hunger,
Every poor man’s broken shelter,
Of signs of ups and downs in life,
She was meant for everyone,
She is the hope of good times,
Of that cringing thirst of bad times,
When a man holds the hand of failure,
She is the cause of happiness, of sadness,
Of every man’s provoked emotions,
Evoked emotions, she evokes emptiness,
Struggle, of every man’s never ending desires,
She was meant for everyone.

Part 3: Green soaked in blood

And so blood was poured,
Families, friends, lovers, enemies,
All stood in the same line,
Devotees stood in disguise,
Some for the upheaval of man,
Promised for peace and prosperity,
In hope of quenching her,
But the thirst never seized,
The size of the pockets bloated,
With the bloated minds of blinded people,
Some clad in white and orange,
While others in pure colours,
Stood on a mantle above others,
She was never meant for everyone,
She always belonged to the people,
Who possessed the three symbols,
Stood over others,
Crippled the poor beneath,
She was in there arms, in their pockets,
And every other confined space,
After all she took birth,
From power and lust,
Superiority over others,
She was never meant for everyone.

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  1. Very good! To me this is about the lust and love of money... but it could apply to other scenarios as well.