Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Ego seeped within

Volume of my head increased,
When ego seeped within,
Vision blurred, disoriented,
No more a human being,
Above all, below no one,
Head high above shoulders,
Trampling, scrambling beneath,
Eyes far from reality,
Vision of my eyes blurred,
When greed seeped within,
Fame and fortune lay close to me,
Friends and foes even closer,
Achievements mounted above mantels,
With shadows of struggle disengaged,
Treachery and lying held my hand,
No more a human being,
Hands soaked in blood,
When jealousy seeped within,
Killing in the name of anything,
Fame and fortune stood in silence,
Friends and foes in dismay,
No more a human being,
Path of life, blurred, dismantled,
When alcohol seeped within,
Misery and disparity lay close to me,
Friends and foes mere shadows,
Loneliness held my hand,
Vision blurred, darkness, eternity,
When death seeped within,
Blood, bones, ego, anger, jealousy,
One gallon of kerosene and a matchstick,
Emptiness seeped within,
When fifty years of ashes,
Were burnt down into nothingness,
Volume of my life decreased,
No more a human being.

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