Thursday, December 15, 2011

Dreams are no one's legacy

I have seen days,
When the old church bell rings,
Signifying life and its seams,
Dreams are no one’s legacy,
Irrespective of all the castes and creed,
And the beggar taking a stand,
On the final stairs of faith,
Never believes in the almighty,
Drowned in the sorrows of his dreams,
He seeks last of the shredded pieces,
To hide the shame left beneath,
He still believes, hopes,
That life has never been fair to him,
That he has tried all the possibilities,
That ecstasy is the final nail,
Before the coffin suffices to creak.

Between heaven and hell:

Let me drown myself in misery,
Maybe the doors of hell wait for me,
Maybe life has given me everything,
Maybe fame and fortune was just a dream,
Maybe I have been an arrogant fool,
A devil of hunger resounds within,
I have seen world with open eyes,
Yet blinded by reality,
I have been the one,
Who sowed the seeds of tragedy,
As you sow so shall you reap,
And the tree of hope has grown old,
Branches of dreams shriek,
The stairs of hell,
Is a two way journey,
Where the path is just a gimmick,
I’m aware of the reality,
I have seen enough days,
I have dreamt enough dreams,
It’s time to slide the sheets,
And the church bell starts to ring,
Sting in my ears,
Blood begins to pour,
Dreams are no one’s legacy,
I will pass none to thee.

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  1. Ur poems just come at right time.. wen one really needs them..
    :) great .. simply loved it