Sunday, October 30, 2011

Child of a mother

White lily bestows upon the glory,
Of it being surreal and pure,
Like the surface of the sun,
Untouched by no one,
Other than the morning rays,
That penetrates and evolves,
From its skin of white and gold,
A story needs to be told,
By each and every one,
As life is a series of unfulfilled dreams,
And a few memories,
That needs to be undone,
Remembering all your loved ones,
As the morning embarks upon the glory,
Of white lily that feels divine,
When the morning dew,
Slides over the surface, with grace,
Chasing all the butterflies,
Drenching their wings awake,
And the shuddering eyes,
Of a new born baby,
Watches in awe,
As the glory of the day,
Unfolds, like a scenery,
That exudes its colours,
Like the smell of love,
Mystifying each and every one,
And the new born baby,
Glares in hope of catching the bubble,
As the sun shows the seven colours,
Shining, divine I see god in their eyes,
As they are still pure,
Untouched by no one,
But the sweet smell of their mother,
And the father watches,
As his lily blooms into a sun,
And the fragrance evaporates,
Yet stays somewhere close to his heart,
He may never see this day again,
But embarks upon the glory,
Of his lily giving him a tight hug,
And the world seems a little better,
From all the hustle and bustle,
In the arms of your loved one,
And all the chaos and calamities,
Just evaporate into the sun,
As every day needs a change,
And the father of a new born baby,
Feels so small in front of the world,
When the lily blooms awake,
And the smile of the mothers face,
Is worth a thousand suns,
Drowning into the seas of the west,
In hope of rising from the front,
The world needs a little love,
To show its true colours,
And all you need is love,
To bloom that lily awake,
Life needs a change,
And all I need is a new day,
All I need is a new life,
In a better way,
I need the touch of a mother,
To shine awake.

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