Wednesday, September 14, 2011

There lies a city

There lies a city,
In my heart,
Waiting to believe,
That dreams and tragedies,
Are the outcomes of prosperity,
What goes up must come down,
Gravity finds a way,
To bring you down,
On your knees,
You are no less than a human,
Lying awake on your death bed,
Waiting for your time to breach,
Reach to you,
Hold your hands,
Divine intervention seeps within,
God has been by your side,
All your life,
You have been a good man,
All your life,
And people will remember you eventually,
Not for your dirty deeds,
But the final hour,
Before the pendulum of time,
Struck a chord of senses,
And all the murders seem to fake,
As you lie awake,
It’s a dream theatre effect,
And there lies a possibility,
That you might reach the doors,
Of heaven and they won’t pry awake,
As the weight of your deeds,
Weakens in front of the almighty,
Who you believe, has been by your side,
He has been by everyone’s side,
Then why do the interiors of hell,
Are still empty beneath,
As all the deeds and evils,
Are practiced on this holy earth,
Shall perish where your belongings is,
And there lies a city,
In my heart,
With flashes of dreams and tragedies,
Erupting from each and every stream,
Waiting for the virgin,
To die awake in the corridors of evil,
Where darkens prevails,
But hails within the almighty,
Two faces of the same coin,
Never glitter in shame,
As the ray of the sun,
Strikes in between exaggerates,
And the evil within penetrates,
There lies a city,
In my heart,
And it’s dying from within.


  1. Nyc... Triggers d mind... So many questions one has in lyf.. wch remain unanswered...
    :) a city of thgts