Saturday, July 16, 2011


She likes the walk,
Weak on the knees,
I beg your pardon ma’am,
But you define sensuality,
The way you work your charm,
I hate to be pleased,
A smile overcomes me,
I try not to stress it,
But the feeling suppresses,
All my belongings,
Longing, day and night,
I feel the need sometimes,
To be ceased,
From both the shoulders,
Circumference of my crease,
Let me clarify for you ma’am,
You are like a sexual beast,
Pouncing, pounding on me,
And the breathe fails to stay,
Where it ought to be,
You my mistress,
Need to be wrapped and forgotten,
Or else I shall forget me,
Insomnia over comes me,
And all the other calamities,
Earthquake tends to seize,
But the earth itself shatters beneath,
I need a to take a stand,
Before you destroy everything,
In your reach,
I need to tell you ma’am,
That you may some day,
Be the cause of apocalypse,
As the world feels inferior,
When compared to thee,
And my mind feels empty,
Swarmed by thoughts,
And the ideas feel like quicksand,
Waiting to engulf me,
As you is every man’s dream,
And I would need two lives,
To encompass the whole of you,
And the whole of me,
Into a single state of tranquility,
And I would have to become a preacher,
To teach myself,
What love actually is,
As the word sounds so sane,
When insanity overcomes me,
As a world without you,
Would be maddening to live in,
I would leave all my belongings,
And become a saint in search of peace,
Rather be called as a person,
Who spreads love,
Rather than being the loser,
Who roams the lonely streets,
In search of love eventually,
So let me be straight forward ma’am,
And clarify all my needs,
As the three basic necessities of my life,
Love, you and me,
Shall not be complete,
Without you becoming the last piece,
Of the puzzle,
Tranquility overcomes me.

1 comment:

  1. WOW beautiful piece. L O V E overcomes tranquility and sanity and all, and is able to inspire our minds to write things like this.

    Loved it.