Sunday, June 21, 2015


You have been nothing but irrelevant,
A dime in a desert,
The king of the hills,
With no accompanies to shudder,
A ruler of your own force,
A marching band of your kingdom,
This self-made world of yours,
Is nothing but an incarnation,
Of your multiple failures,
You have been the voice of none,
Nor the nurturer of your son,
An imbecilic human being,
With no heart to nudge at,
No rekindling of someone’s strings,
No vital organ in a wet dream,
You need to be straightened,
Beyond recognition,
A perplexed piece,
In a self-woven puzzle,
You are a broken man, my friend,
When will you learn?
This world is moving at a breakneck pace,
A disgrace to your ever lonely face,
No enveloping shoulder to a wife,
No helping hand to your mother,
Yet you walk like you own this place,
Your pants are down my friend,
Your belt buckle sewed to your lace,
And in this ever enriching life of yours,
You are nothing but the reminisces,
Of the extinction of human beings,
A disgrace to the world,
Roll over and die my friend,
For death has no compatriot as low,
As your bent down stature.


I’m the uninhibited, unabashed,
Table spoonful of Shamefulness,
There’s no conspiracy, lies,
No untimely death of characters demise,
I have been shameful, shameless,
All my life,
A moment of truth,
Has been lasting all this time,
No words have been twisted and turned,
Wrapped in a sheet of sweetness,
For others to yearn,
A knight in a shining armor,
A weapon so indestructible,
No one even dares to pry,
I’m as naked as when I’m clothed,
No alter ego accompanied,
By my side,
I’m the pure, untouched, unforced,
Error of this human life,
Neither do I lie for someone’s smile,
Nor walloping as a testament,
To someone’s feelings,
I’m the uninhibited, unabashed,
Table spoon of shame,
And in this world of lies,
I’m the only galloping being,
With myself to blame.


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